martin Hawkins

Royal Television Society

Lifetime Achievement Award - Martin Hawkins

Lifetime achievement award fromt he Royal Television Society"The recipient of this special award left School at the age of 16 and joined the Post Room at London Weekend Television, delivering all the internal mail around the studios on the South Bank. From there he became a Trainee Cameraman only 18 months later, working on comedy programmes such as; Stanley Baxter Shows, Canon & Ball, Russ Abbots Madhouse and dramas such as Within These Wall and Enemy at the Door. In 1983 he moved to Limehouse Studios, a new independent facilities Company on Canary Wharf in London's Isle of Dogs where he eventually became head of the camera department and worked on many shows for the new Channel Four. Network 7, Treasure Hunt and Who Dares Wins to name but a few.

But he really made his mark in the late 80s, running across fields chasing a young woman in Challenge Anneka. This is where he perfected his hand held camera technique as well as getting extremely fit.

Very soon he would make an even bigger impression as Director of Photography and Camera Supervisor on many of the top comedy series of the last 20 years. Shows such as Drop the Dead Donkey, Birds of a Feather, Vicar of Dibley, Harry Enfield & Chums, French & Saunders, Little Britain, Outnumbered, Armstrong and Miller, The IT Crowd, Peter Kay Live, Max & Paddy's Road to Nowhere, The One Ronnie, Mrs Brown's Boys and Phone Shop to name a few. His sense of humour, infectious laughter combined with his skill at lighting and capturing the story made him the first choice for many producers and directors. He is also a joy to work with.

He has gone on to work especially well with writer/performer/directors such as Richard Ayoade on Garth Marenghi's Darkplace, and more recently with Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant on Extras and Life's Too Short. Here is what Ricky and Stephen have to say about our recipient who they have dubbed The Hawk: "The Hawk is one the finest DOPs we've worked with and he has a great pair of knees, which he shows off by wearing shorts whatever the weather".

"On set he's always calm and full of good-humour – and always does a terrific job whatever shooting style we throw at him – which could be hand-held documentary one minute, phony Hollywood blockbuster the next. Congratulations on your lifetime achievement award, Hawk, much deserved. Although it better not push your price up."

Peter Kay, another huge fan of Martin, sent this message:

"I've worked with Martin on many occasions since I entered the business of show, and in that time we've been in prison together, trapped in a woods overnight, as well as in the back of a motor home with a flatulent pig.Comedians love to work with Martin, this is because his skills as a cameraman are only slightly superseded by his fantastic sense of humour. I truly believe he inspires the comedians he works with. That's why we all want to work with him. He helps generate an atmosphere on set that's often superior to the finished product itself.

He still remains the first person I call when I want to start working on a new project and it's usually before I start writing, as he's always so bloody busy. This is testament to his well-respected talent and why he richly deserves this award tonight. But most importantly for me, he remains a very good friend and knowing him right now, this will be one of the rare occasions when his tears for once, won't be from laughing."